Celebrating 40 Years of Excellence

We are proudly celebrating Mellon’s 40th anniversary in 2023. This milestone could not be achieved without our unwavering dedication to excellence in index investment management and our deep partnerships with our clients. Over half of Mellon’s AUM has been invested with the firm for over 15 years—a testament to our care and commitment to deliver tightly tracking portfolios that meet our clients’ expectations through time. Our expertise and reputation as one of the most respected index managers in the industry has been built one client at a time…for 40 years.


Mellon traces its roots back to the founding father of institutional index portfolios—William Fouse, who co-founded Mellon in 1983. 40 years of index investment management experience informs our deep perspective on the public markets. We provide institutional-quality index solutions to some of the world’s most sophisticated investors. 


Mellon has a tenured portfolio management team with an average of 18 years of industry experience dedicated to delivering tightly tracking investment results. Using a systematic, transparent and risk-controlled process, we seek to overcome the structural challenges of index investing for our clients. We believe passive investing requires an active mindset.


Our clients drive what we do, and we are passionate about harnessing the power of the capital markets on their behalf. Whether long-tenured or new to Mellon, we partner with all of our clients to deliver a range of indexing solutions—from the simple to the complex—that suit their needs. Mellon has stood the test of time through the dedicated efforts of our employees and the trust and loyalty of our long-standing clients.

Index management has certainly evolved since its infancy and our founding. We are proud of our heritage, and we are equally committed to our ongoing evolution. In 2020, we were selected as the inaugural subadvisor for BNY Mellon Investment Management’s zero-fee exchange traded funds (ETFs), a first in the industry, as well as a range of low-cost ETFs that formed the initial offering. Our dedication to precision is also powering Pershing’s Direct Indexing offering. Efficient access to public markets has never been more important, and we are pleased to continue leveraging our forty years of experience in index investment management for our clients. 




The investment advisor for the ETFs is BNY Mellon ETF Investment Adviser, LLC, with Mellon Investments Corporation serving as the subadvisor.