About Us

 About Us

Committed to Accountability, Community and Innovation

Mellon's culture helps us solve our clients’ unique challenges

Transparency, collaboration and innovation are at Mellon's core. We are an organization where employees demand the best from each other and themselves. We are smarter together. We encourage independent thought. We embrace diversity. We empower each other. 

Autonomy and meritocracy are embedded in our organization, which is structured to support our employees and drive our culture of innovation. Innovation cannot be achieved without diversity. We inherently believe in and celebrate diversity in all its forms. Diversity of thought, experience and backgrounds is key to our firm's long-term success and our pursuit of investment excellence. We are committed to driving diversity, inclusion and equality across our firm and the investment industry at large, benefiting our staff, clients and communities. 

At Mellon, we value accountability, community and innovation. 

Our culture and values are the foundation of our corporate identity and provide us with the tools to pursue innovative investment solutions. Together, these guide our strategy, shape the client experience and provide a framework for how we treat our clients and each other.

Mellon's Dedication to Diversity and Inclusion