We take a partnership approach to developing strategies that provide solutions for specific client needs. Mellon has nearly four decades of experience managing index strategies spanning asset classes, domiciles, maturities and disciplines. We are dedicated to tightly tracking index benchmarks through even the most challenging market environments.

Our index solutions aim to neutralize risk and preserve value for our clients while delivering low tracking error against their benchmarks.

Client investment challenges inspire us. Clients drive what we do.

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1-3 Year Government/Credit Index Bloomberg® U.S. 1-3 Year Government/Credit Index November 2009 Fixed Income
Broad Market Stock Index Russell 3000® Index March 1993 Equity
FTSE RAFI US 1000 Index FTSE RAFI® US 1000 Index June 2010 Equity
Government Index Bloomberg® U.S. Government Index April 1993 Fixed Income
Green Beta Carbon Efficiency Russell 3000® Index October 2014 Equity
Intermediate Credit Index Bloomberg® U.S. Intermediate Credit Index September 1993 Fixed Income
Intermediate Government Index Bloomberg® U.S. Intermediate Government Index May 1994 Fixed Income
Intermediate Government/Credit Index Bloomberg® U.S. Intermediate Government/Credit Index June 2003 Fixed Income
Intermediate Treasury Index Bloomberg® U.S. Intermediate Treasury Index November 2001 Fixed Income
Large Cap Growth Stock Index Russell 1000® Growth Index April 1993 Equity
Large Cap Stock Index Russell 1000® Index December 1986 Equity
Large Cap Value Stock Index Russell 1000® Value Index April 1993 Equity
Long Government/Credit Index Bloomberg® U.S. Long Government/Credit Index March 2009 Fixed Income
Long Term Credit Index Bloomberg® U.S. Long Credit Index September 1993 Fixed Income
Long Term Government Index Bloomberg® US Long Government May 1994 Fixed Income
Long Treasury Index Bloomberg® U.S. Long Treasury Index April 1986 Fixed Income
Market Completion Stock Index Dow Jones U.S. Completion Total Market Index℠ May 1984 Equity
Mid Cap Stock Index S&P 400® Index October 1995 Equity
MSCI ACWI MSCI ACWI September 2010 Equity
MSCI ACWI ex-US IMI MSCI ACWI ex-US IMI September 2012 Equity
MSCI ACWI ex-US Index MSCI ACWI ex-U.S. June 2008 Equity
MSCI ACWI ex-US Small Cap MSCI All Country World Index (ACWI) ex-U.S. Small Cap September 2012 Equity
MSCI Canada Stock Index MSCI Canada Index June 2008 Equity
MSCI EAFE Index MSCI EAFE Index May 1992 Equity
MSCI Emerging Markets Index MSCI Emerging Markets Index July 2009 Equity
MSCI US Stock Index MSCI USA Index April 2008 Equity
MSCI World ex-US index MSCI World ex-US Index May 2010 Equity
MSCI World Index MSCI World Index April 2008 Equity
REIT Index Dow Jones US Select REIT Index℠ December 2008 Equity
Russell Top 200 Index Russell Top 200® Index January 2014 Equity
S&P 500 Index S&P 500® Index September 1989 Equity
S&P 600 Index S&P 600® Index June 1997 Equity
Securitized Index Bloomberg® U.S. Securitized Index July 1990 Fixed Income
Small Cap Growth Stock Index Russell 2000® Growth Index October 2009 Equity
Small Cap Stock Index Russell 2000® Index August 1986 Equity
Small Cap Value Stock Index Russell 2000® Value October 2009 Equity
Smid Cap Stock Index Russell 2500™ Index November 2006 Equity
US Aggregate Index Bloomberg® US Aggregate June 1990 Fixed Income
US Equity Market Index Dow Jones US Total Market Index℠ November 1987 Equity
US Strips 20+ Year Total Return Bond Index Bloomberg® U.S. Strips 20+ Year Index June 2015 Fixed Income
US TIPS Index Bloomberg® US TIPS June 2002 Fixed Income
US Treasury Index Bloomberg® U.S. Treasury Index March 2016 Fixed Income