null Blockchain Innovation

Blockchain Innovation

Active Equity Thematic Global
  • Benchmark MSCI ACWI
  • Inception Date March 2019

Portfolio Managers

Strategy Overview

The Blockchain Innovation strategy provides investors with exposure to the emerging opportunities offered by distributed ledger technology, synonymously known as blockchain technology. The underlying concept of blockchain technology is the placement of any asset on a digital system, also known as a ledger, to record and validate any transaction type. The technology is an integral part of the broader digital transformation that is underway, which is fundamentally changing the way all businesses are operating and delivering value to customers. Key return drivers of companies that embrace blockchain technology include both revenue growth and cost saving opportunities.



The strategy seeks to generate returns through a disciplined, concentrated equity portfolio that is designed to benefit from investment opportunities in blockchain. We seek companies that are utilizing blockchain technology and platforms to reduce costs or accelerate growth through the creation of secure, efficient, trusted and overall more robust platforms for transactions and assets.



Our global fundamental research team comprises over 40 analysts who leverage their extensive expertise across specific industries and geographies to identify companies that align with the theme. Leveraging our expertise, we assign a proprietary materiality ranking to a company before adding it to our universe. We then select from this universe, initially targeting 30 to 50 holdings that represent the strongest opportunity to develop significant exposure to the theme. The fundamental portfolio manager initially determines position sizing.


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Please note that all investment strategies involve risk.