null High Quality Long Corporate Bond

High Quality Long Corporate Bond

Passive Fixed Income Efficient Beta US Insurance
  • Benchmark Bloomberg® Barclays U.S. 20+ Year Credit Corporate ex-Baa Index
  • Inception Date January 2009

Strategy Overview

The strategy is designed to provide consistent beta exposure to the high-quality corporate bond universe, while aiming to minimize the risk from downgrades and defaults. The strategy is designed to help clients match their duration and quality targets in a cost-efficient, systematic and risk-controlled manner. The strategies target two maturity sectors of the curve: the 20-year maturity sector and the 5- to 20-year maturity sector. By offering portfolios across the maturity spectrum, clients can customize their exposure to their specific liability profile. Portfolio managers use a proprietary credit model to inform their sampling process and control portfolio risk in the portfolio. The credit model provides a systematic framework for evaluating exposure to corporate issuers by seeking to identify potential bonds that are more likely to underperform or potentially be downgraded.

Please note that all investment strategies involve risk.