null Stable Value

Stable Value

Active Fixed Income Liquidity US
  • Benchmark ICE BofAML US 3-Month Treasury Bill
  • Inception Date January 1987

Strategy Overview

The Stable Value strategy offers the investment objective of preservation of principal and stability of returns—with performance that attempts to be comparable to intermediate bond fund returns and to exceed money market fund returns over time. We focus on managing the inherent risks in a stable value portfolio in a disciplined, quantitative and conservative style. We attempt to accomplish this through a portfolio that diversifies risk across many levels—including liquidity, contract and underlying assets.

Our stable value product is offered in the defined contribution space and is available through multiple vehicles.

Each portfolio is tailored to client-specific needs and objectives and typically follows a model portfolio structure which is segmented in two sections: our liquidity strategy and a total return allocation. In addition to a liquidity buffer, the liquidity segment consists of highly rated buy and hold assets that are purchased for their expected cash flow characteristics, and are generally held to maturity. The bulk of our portfolios are typically invested in a total return sleeve which can combine both passive and active strategies.

Please note that all investment strategies involve risk.