null Global First Decade Innovators

Global First Decade Innovators

Active Equity Thematic Global
  • Benchmark MSCI ACWI SMID
  • Inception Date April 2019

Strategy Overview

The Global First Decade Innovators strategy focuses on companies within the first 10 years of their initial public offering (IPO). We seek companies that are driving the future through innovation and disruption, have underappreciated growth potential, offer groundbreaking and transformative products or services, and feature outstanding management teams.



The strategy aims to identify future industry leaders with significant upside growth potential. The strategy maintains broad flexibility to pursue opportunities across sectors and geographies, which we view as an advantage to driving potential long-term success.



Employing a flexible approach, we have the ability to pursue opportunities across a broad range of sectors and geographies. We believe this is critical to delivering long-term value for our clients. We focus on small- and mid cap companies with an upper market cap limit of approximately $35 billion. The landscape of opportunity across small cap companies is influenced by a wide variety of factors, including economic cycles, demographic shifts, regulation, and corporate competition and synergies. We recognize that small cap innovators and disruptors can shift over time, be it geographically or across industries, and we maintain the ability to allocate capital to the most attractive ideas regardless of domicile or industry. We believe our edge lies in the following key areas:

  • Experience: We have a global research platform of over 40 experienced analysts, with several individuals dedicated to small cap and mid cap investing. We believe the team’s breadth, depth and experience leads to higher alpha capture. Our analysts have an average of more than 10 years of experience covering their respective sectors.
  • Thematic Framework: Our thematic framework allows us to proactively identify economic and demographic tailwinds that are driving rapid growth for industries and companies across the economic landscape. This perspective helps illuminate both opportunities and threats that may otherwise be overlooked.
  • Growth Duration: We focus on stock selection that relies on the accurate identification of a company’s long-term sustainable growth, which is critical to long-term price appreciation.
  • Risk Evaluation: Rigorous risk assessment underscores consistent results. We conduct stock laggard reviews, factor analysis and risk reporting to ensure proper diversification and discipline throughout our risk process.


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Please note that all investment strategies involve risk.