null Global Infrastructure Dividend Focus Equity

Global Infrastructure Dividend Focus Equity

Active Equity Thematic Global Income Infrastructure
  • Benchmark S&P Global Infrastructure Index
  • Inception Date August 2011

Strategy Overview

The Global Infrastructure Dividend Focus strategy seeks to capture the defensive characteristics of regulated, cash generative businesses, while generating top-tier equity income globally.


We seek to deliver a consistent 6% equity yield profile throughout the market cycle, solid capital preservation and attractive upside participation in strong global equity market environments.


We consider investments from a particularly expansive universe, which we believe provides us with a significant competitive advantage. Investments in the strategy must meet a very specific set of criteria: (1) Hard asset owning business models; (2) Operate in heavily regulated industries; and (3) Generate stable cash flows that largely return to shareholders in the form of dividends. The portfolio is highly concentrated, holding between 20 and 40 names from our global opportunity set. Our differentiated approach to infrastructure investing provides us with an investible universe that exhibits the same characteristics as peers at over six times the size. Our ability to invest in a broader opportunity set allows for a disciplined, value-based approach that seeks to consistently deliver a 6% equity dividend yield profile.


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Please note that all investment strategies involve risk.