null Large Cap Core Equity Income

Large Cap Core Equity Income

Active Equity US Income
  • Benchmark S&P 500® Index
  • Inception Date July 2006

Strategy Overview

The Large Cap Core Equity Income strategy focuses on building a benchmark-driven, risk-controlled portfolio with an emphasis on fundamentally attractive, dividend-paying stocks. We apply a systematic process to evaluating securities based on their fundamentals and valuation. Our disciplined approach to portfolio construction is designed to maximize dividend yield while minimizing unwanted risks.  

The strategy objective is to deliver a higher dividend yield than the S&P 500® benchmark while achieving compelling risk-adjusted returns. We target a dividend yield 1.5x the S&P 500. We seek to protect capital in down markets while participating in up markets. We offer a robust dividend yield focus combined with comprehensive risk management. 

We take a systematic, fundamentally based investment approach to evaluating securities. We look to buy high-quality, inexpensive stocks with positive momentum and attractive dividend yield. We use our stock selection model to assess the fundamental attractiveness of each company in our universe along valuation, quality and behavioral dimensions. We also leverage the work of our fundamental analysts to help identify unique opportunities and exogenous risks. 

Our portfolio construction process involves looking for high-quality, attractively priced, dividend stocks in every sector of the market. Our optimization process weights our holdings to balance dividend yield and attractive fundamentals while controlling for sector and factor risks.

Please note that all investment strategies involve risk.