null Total Return US Municipal Bond

Total Return US Municipal Bond

Active Fixed Income US Income Infrastructure
  • Benchmark Bloomberg® Barclays U.S. Municipals Index
  • Inception Date April 2009

Strategy Overview

The Total Return US Municipal Bond strategy is designed to provide investors with tax-exempt income via portfolio exposure to high-quality municipal bonds. The strategy focuses on adding value by identifying undervalued sectors and securities in longer-maturity municipals to exploit yields and price returns through strategic duration positioning.


The strategy seeks to maximize current income exempt from federal tax to the extent consistent with a secondary goal of capital preservation with a focus on longer-maturity municipal bonds.


We take a pragmatic, long-term approach to municipal bond investing, utilizing a combination of bottom-up and top-down processes, which allows us to identify bonds that are attractive on a risk-adjusted basis. This approach has the potential to result in an emphasis on essential purpose revenue bonds that are fundamentally stable to improving, and may provide meaningful income with attractive yields.

Through our research expertise and trading acumen we seek to achieve best execution on relative value opportunities rather than relying on interest rate forecasting to deliver excess return. We focus on sectors and securities with stable, investment grade credit characteristics. We avoid bonds with deteriorating credit fundamentals or poor relative valuations as well as those that deliver excessive volatility to portfolio returns.

Please note that all investment strategies involve risk.